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Mobile Games Development

As the most demanding category of app, mobile games have the actual potential to reach a countless number of targeted customers. Whether passing a few minutes with a casual puzzle or getting engaged with an interactive storyline, mobile device users love games.

Mobile games offer various alternatives for monetization. The simplest is the pay-to-download model, in which a user pays a certain amount in order to download the game initially. Much more common today is the in-app purchase model. With this strategy, the game itself is free but special powers and other extras can be bought within the game. Finally, the free games can be supported by advertising.

As a leading Mobile Games Development, Infoicon Software offers high-end mobile development services across platforms iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. We utilize the best gaming technologies to build interesting and unique games that exemplify our imaginative, creative and development skills.

Within a short period of time, we have delivered countless projects that too with 100% satisfaction ratio. The passion and true effort of our domain specific development team is the key secret of our success. They believe in satisfying all our highly venerated clients from newest to big players by developing the best games such as:

2D & 3D Game Development:

With years of experience in 2D & 3D Game Development, Infoicon Software has the capability to bring the best games as per your requirement. Whether you are interested in mobile or desktop development Infoicon Software can handle your project from start to finish. Using hardware on mobile devices such as accelerometer, GPS and camera we make modern games even more engrossing.

Serious Game Development:

Whether your plans are aimed toward physical health, classroom education, or even business development and training, Infoicon Software, the pioneering Mobile Games Development company closely works with you to produce the expected results.

Serious games bring the actual fun and interactivity of gaming to bear on topics that need to be learned a little. From creating iconic characters for visual impact to the outlining game mechanics and requirements to the complete creation of the game itself, Infoicon Software helps you in all aspects.

Apart from this, our professional team members are also expert in developing many other most demanding games using the leading industry tools. Hence, if you also want to develop innovative and unique games, you can consider us.

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