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Microsoft Development

Infoicon Software is a well-known organization for building custom expertise solutions utilizing Microsoft Technologies. We gave expertise in offering software development and testing services in order to build and deploy the windows applications, web services & integration, web-based applications, ecommerce frameworks, workflow applications and mixed-mode applications including Pre .NET and .NET technologies, .NET with third-party components. So, if you are seeking a solution for Microsoft Development, there could be no better place than us.

Our Microsoft Development capability has assisted various companies in addressing the business challenges such as critical performance requirements, exponential data growth and high usability expectations. We are known for developing applications which are based on the Microsoft .NET framework which are all intuitive, scalable and can integrate with other third party solutions very easily. After delivering more than 500 projects, Infoicon Software believes that we can deploy and execute the enterprise class projects to the large community of the users with our proven track record and expertise in managerial, technical and functional.

For about almost a decade, we have been known as a widely trusted partner to the customers across the globe by offering Microsoft Development services and consulting in the fields of .NET programming, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Power BI and Azure. Being a renowned Microsoft Software Development Company, we have been offering the plethora of deep technical knowledge and focusing on customers satisfaction on the priority basis.

Infoicon Software has carried out a large number of custom software development projects using latest Microsoft Technologies. We have a team of experts and experienced developers and architects who have done extensive work in developing expertise solutions which addresses critical business requirements to drive them towards the successful edges. We have built the content management systems, sales portals, web-based search, cloud based solutions for document collaboration & approval, reporting systems and to name a few, all in the name of helping your business expand its outreach.

We have capability to deploy the proven frameworks which are meant to offer out-of-the-box and ready-to-use features. Our office has become a kind of virtual extension for our prestigious clients with the essential resources such as application software, hardware infrastructure and high-speed connectivity. The state-of-the-art infrastructure at Infoicon Software delivers agile project management methodologies for offering a resource pool of senior and experienced professionals to provide the better outsourcing.
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