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HTML5 Development

Nowadays, what’s counted the most in life is the experience. You must have felt the difference of experiencing a movie in 2D and 3D formats. The experience is what is counted while using any of the services. It is the same about the web development and creating outstanding UX experience. Do you see HTML considering about the tags and its regular attributes? Well, that’s the old story! The new page has been added to the story. Now, we have HTML5, the latest version of the HTML language, which runs on a broader approach and takes on the next-gen web technology.

HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML language with new elements, behaviors, attributes and a large set of technologies which allow the building of more diverse and powerful websites. HTML5 has a good scope and can be utilized across all the major browsers and devices. With the services dedicated to HTML5 Development, one requires a team of experienced designers and programmers to carve a niche. That’s what Infoicon Software has been blessed with. Backed up with the team of developers, we are glad to give you a specialized view of your websites and applications under the umbrella of HTML5.

Our Expertise In HTML5 Development

We, Infoicon Software, have long been in the business of custom software development. We are specialized in providing custom web development solutions to our prestigious clients. Our client-centric approach has enabled us to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients from across the world. With the dedicated team of senior web developers who are working on many web technologies, Infoicon Software is highly focused on delivering HTML5 enabled solutions.

Here’s A Glimpse To Our HTML5 Certified Developers

Our HTML5 certified developers have an average experience of 5+ years and have made use of HTML5 based tools such as CSS3, SML, JavaScript, JSON, etc. to develop reliable business apps that are both user-friendly and cost-effective.

There are some other related technologies used by our skilled HTML5 software development team which they keep themselves up-to-date about are Adobe Tools, JAVA, Eclipse IDE, Silverlight, SVN, noVNC, PHP Frameworks, Apache Server, MySQL, Python, Joomla, Magento, Django, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, ExtJS, AngularJS, jQuery and SenchaTouch. They have experience in developing feature rich mobile apps for the devices as well as to develop cross platform mobile apps.

Why not choose our HTML5 Development team? They are dedicated to serve your as per your business requirements. Simply draft us an email!