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Dedicated Hosting

In order to experience unmatched website performance, data security, and superior control of your computing resources, dedicated server hosting is crucial for your business. Dedicated Hosting is an internet hosting option in which a server is dedicated to a single organization and is not shared among multiple users. It gives you freedom to choose any operating system and hardware components according to your specific requirements. At Infoicon Software, we provide exceptional dedicated server hosting services to keep your business working smooth, and further help you with our management services that make you free from the troubles of server management.

As compared to other hosting solutions, a dedicated hosting offers a certain freedom and control to the users. As the server would be dedicated to only you and not to the other cohabitants, the server can be easily tailored according your specific needs. Therefore, you can easily select and pay for the features you require. As an expert of the industry, we understand that the site downtime could lead to poor user-experience that can be harmful for your business. That is why we make sure your website is highly-functional at all times, and the users of your website get excellent browsing experience. With our dedicated hosting solutions, we offer high performance and stability to ensure that your website and other business functions are operational.

Infoicon Software can also assure you about the high security and top notch support in the hosting services. We can also help you with the server monitoring and back-up facilities beside of our support services to ensure about the seamless working of your business process. You can choose what server hardware you want and require, and we can help you with your needs precisely. Our team of dedicated server hosting has a great level of expertise, and can ensure you about the tremendous hosting services to satisfy all your business requirements. We provide affordable service packages, so that you can easily choose one that suits your specific needs and budget.