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Are you looking to develop separate mobile apps for both iOS and Android or do you want to develop an app for your business that runs on both iOS and Android? The choice is yours to make! But do you know when to choose which option?

We, at Infoicon Software have brought a list that can help you in landing the right plain.

Choose the Right Option Before Finalizing Your Decision

Budget Constraints: If you go for a separate app development, it would require different teams to handle the project significantly adding to the cost. Working on tight budget lines, it is recommended to go for a hybrid mobile application. This can be helpful in significant reduction in the cost that might be up to 25-30%.

Easy updation or maintenance: While the native apps require frequent updation, a hybrid app updates itself like a web page. So, if you want to provide your customers with easy updation rather than launching newer versions of the app, hybrid app development is what you should choose.
Whether you choose any sort of development, hybrid or native, these following points can help you out in deciding the best according to the circumstances and needs.

How can Infoicon Software Help you in Reaching your Goal?

The expert development team at Infoicon Software can provide your business with both a native iOS or Android app development and Cross Platform Application Development solutions to fit in tight budget and time frame. The effectiveness lies in the conveying the business idea effectively to the development team who can aptly guide you with the best option and simultaneously the app.