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Backup & Disaster Recovery

It is important for every business to ensure that their important data and information is comprehensively protected. Loss or theft of any such data can be disastrous to any organization, and can create big problems in the services they deal with. At infoicon Software we provide excellent services to help you with the backup and recovery of your lost data to keep your business working smooth. With our Backup & Disaster Recovery services, we take the file-based backup to the next level. Our unmatched solutions secure your data and continuity of your business to help you drive business success. We offer reliable, fast, and scalable IT disaster recovery solutions to ensure you that in case of failure, your crucial data will be easily recoverable.

Why Choose Infoicon Software?

We are experts of the industry and have substantial knowledge and understanding of backing up your data effectively. Not only does your data is backed up to the cloud, but it is also stored to an onsite physical device. If there is any disaster striking your server, infoicon software has the ability to run your server in a virtual environment. We intend to eliminate the harm and downtime caused by the disasters. All the businesses today are data-dependent, and the importance of backing up the crucial data and being able to keep business process in flow in case of a disaster, is always at a high demand. Our superior backup services are designed to protect your information both effectively and cost-efficiently. We offer both on-site and cloud-based solution to meet your specific needs and budget.

Our team is comprised of expert developers who have extensive know how of latest software and techniques, which allow them to offer best-in- class data protection solutions to the customers. We provide a full set of data recovery services, including, monitoring and verifying backups, troubleshooting, offering high-level recovery and testing support, and ensuring backups of your data 24X7. We offer affordable pricing plans for our unmatched services that can suit the organizations of all size.