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It will not be surprising to say that at present mobile is one of the finest examples to describe the fascinating cutting-edge technologies. In fact, the development of this exceptional device has been quite a revolutionary concept. The latest advancement for which this technology is in news everywhere is "Augmented Reality" or simply AR.

The hi-tech AR apps have the power to upgrade and transform your real world by just covering it with an influential digital layer. For this, the app that has been developed by the experts directly uses the existing environment. And, in order to give you an amazing Augmented Reality experience through apps, it mixes the same with your GPS data, sound, video and graphics.

Infoicon Software is a reputed name where the professionals can offer you unparalleled services with regard to Augmented Reality App Development. Irrespective of whether you are looking forward to get a solution pertaining to location or marker-based AR apps, we surely can serve you with exceptional results!

Best Tools For Augmented Reality:-

  • Vuforia - Being a leading platform, you can expect to get some impressive and unique functions from this. It can efficiently discover 2D as well as 3D objects. Besides this, the standard vocabulary makes text recognition convenient for Vuforia. And, the best part is as soon as the surface to be targeted is detected videos can be played without any interruption.

  • Kudan - This is a well-known AR SDK that only supports iOS and Android. But, the good news is that it certainly has Unity Support. Kudan can easily detect 3D images in addition 2D and at the same time, it also supports SLAM. This Kit is available for free as well as commercial licenses that are being used as per the requirement.

  • Wikitude - In the advanced version of the augmented reality SDK offered by Wikitude, the user can get access to several top-notch features. This will allow to build both location and marker-based apps on the go. Instant tracking, Geolocation support, cloud as well as on device recognition are few of the popular features of Wikitude. Though this kit comes duly with commercial licenses, yet a free trial is also available.

    Based on your requirement and the discussion that you have with us, the proficient professionals of Infoicon Software can offer you unmatched solutions. To get the best assistance with regard to AR apps development, contact us today!