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Application Maintenance Services

Developing an application for your business is not enough, you need to offer proper maintenance to it. As a human see a doctor to maintain good health, similarly software needs a technical support engineer to improve performance and fault correction.

Infoicon Software is a pioneering company known for offering excellent Application Maintenance Services to all their venerated clients. The quality service is what makes us number one choice among all the clients.

We have multidisciplinary team members who are passionate enough to fulfill all the requirements of the clients. They have years of experience and deep knowledge pertaining to application maintenance that makes them able to bring out the desired result.

Types of Application Maintenance Service:

Emergency Maintenance: As a matter of the fact, the problems and errors in the system are unpredictable. We offer this service when an unscheduled and unseen issue occurs. This time of maintenance is very common as so many users need the support during the time of crisis.

Perfective Maintenance: This is an implementation of new and changed user requirement in a particular application. It makes functional changes without affecting the existing behavior of the software. In this, we make changes in the source code to add new functionality as per the clients’ requirement.

Adaptive Maintenance: In this, changes are made to the application in order to keep the system updated with the change in the environment such as operating system or hardware. In this kind of maintenance, we ensure the compatibility of the software with any type of operating system.

Preventive Maintenance: This type of maintenance demands performing actions to stop the error occurrence. In this, we major focus on lower down the application software complexity, as a result, improving application understandability and maintainability.

Corrective Maintenance: It majorly repairs the defects and faults found in day to day functions of an application. It deals with the errors pertaining to application coding, design, and logic to the application. We are experienced enough offering this maintenance service to our clients.

Thus, if you are a businessman and looking for the best Application Maintenance Services, then you can consider approaching us. Believe it or not, we have won the heart of countless clients with the most satisfying outcomes without charging them high. Indeed, you can make this confirm by visiting our official website. The positive reviews of all our Indian as well as foreigner clients will be enough to reflect our quality service. It means you can approach us in order to get the best of our application maintenance service.

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